Drawing from a conservative upbringing in the rural south, my work investigates identity through the lens of cultural expectations, kinship, and tradition. Engaging in an interdisciplinary approach to sculpture, I reimagine the weight of gendered symbols, practices, and the self. Approaching soft materials through the eyes of my family’s matriarchal leadership, I highlight and expose the truths of our combined pasts and present.

In my most recent work, I explore the landscape of memory. Raised by three generations of women in the orange groves of central Florida, I long for a time when we were ourselves. Borrowing from the language of domestic craft, I sew and quilt new narratives for myself and the viewer. These narratives transgress the constructs and boundaries of the everyday; they are ones that tell the secrets.

Using materials like sheep hair, antique necklaces, and embroidery hoops, I begin to challenge the fabric of my heritage and the learned ideals that have oppressed. By undermining these conditions my work begins to take on the truth I wish was told.